So what’s on your mind?

*Girl Drama *Boys *School Pressures *Family Concerns *Body Image *Self-esteem

As your coach, I can help you identify what is getting your way of being truly happy! It could be something within yourself (your shyness, self-criticism, disorganization, etc.) and other times it is a circumstance (fighting with your parents, lack of boyfriend, and issues with your friends, etc.)

Once we’ve exposed what is getting in your way, I can give you tips and tools so that you can feel really good about yourself and where your life is headed. And in the process, you have a totally supportive person to help you work through all the stuff that life throws your way.

Reality Check: mean girls, wanting to be accepted, school pressure, guys and their head games, demanding parents, etc. are NOT going away. They are an unavoidable evil of adolescence. But there are strategies that I can show you to help you have fun during this crazy roller coaster, and feel hopeful and excited about your future!

Your personal needs and individual circumstances determine the contents of the life coaching process. In other words, you’re the boss! The agenda for coaching session is always client-generated and coach supported. I provide you with the support to find strategies to create the life you want and deserve. And don’t worry, we’ll always stay flexible and have the space to coach around the inevitable challenges that come up in your daily life.

Ready to Go for it?