Group Workshops

Teenage GirlsGroup coaching provides a safe place for girls to return to regularly in order to receive ongoing support, guidance, and share the details of their lives with their peers and coach.

Generation You workshops cover a variety of topics are dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls to discover their authentic selves. The dynamic curriculum guides each participant to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage she needs to consistently make informed life-choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect and strength. Some of the most popular group topics include:

  • Friendship
  • Self Esteem/Body image
  • Decision Making
  • School Stress
  • Made-to-Order Workshops

Great for classes, PTAs, PTOs, social organizations, and other intact groups . Based on your interests audience, and objectives, group curriculum can be customized. Benefits to groups include:

  • More cost efficient per person
  • Group gets experience at the same time
  • Individuals get to work with others
  • Length of programs gives more opportunity for hands-on learning
  • Obtain accountability partners for goals set during the sessions
Upcoming Workshops