Why should I hire a life coach for my teen?

Coaching offers your daughter a reliable adult she can turn to for support. Sometimes, there are things she just doesn’t want to talk about with her mom. It also gives you someone to talk to about the tough and/or uncomfortable stuff.

Does Insurance cover session?

Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by insurance plans

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

While there are some similarities between the practices, there are some distinctions. Generally speaking, in therapy, the therapist is regarded as the expert and the focus is on “fixing” problems by exploring the client’s feelings and past experiences. In contrast, in the life coaching relationship, the coach partners with her client to focus on their present circumstances, actions, skills, attitudes, and strengths to help them move forward in their lives. Coaching is most appropriate for people who are otherwise currently mentally healthy. Click here for more info.

What are the coaching fees?

Coaching services and packages are offered with varying prices depending on session length and the number of sessions purchased. Individual coaching is customized for each client and the sessions are private. Generation You fees are consistent with norms for similar services provided by helping professionals in private practice.