About Staci

As an adolescent, I went through it all; bullying, an eating disorder and depression. I get it! Even under the best circumstances, drama with friends, boys and parents can be tough to navigate on your own. That's where I can help. As a Teen Wisdom™ Certified Coach, I have the tools and know-how to guide girls through these confusing times.

I hold each girl I work with in her best light. I am passionately committed to everyone creating their best life, no matter what. Sometimes I’ll push you to the edge of your comfort zone, with compassion, and call you out when you're not being true. And, I will believe in you wholeheartedly and support you in creating a life you love.

In each life coaching session, Staci aims to deliver 3 key components to girls:

  1. A deeper self-awareness around her true needs and values in order to make smart, self-honoring choices
  2. A tangible tool or strategy to cope with her unique challenges
  3. A safe place to be heard without judgment or ridicule

Some, debatably, interesting facts about me:

  • I talk fast and sometimes loud.
  • I LOVE candy. No really, love it!
  • My first job was at age thirteen, working at a swap meet.
  • My favorite colors are purple and orange.
  • I have a B.A. in journalism and wanted to be a writer from the time I was 8 years old. That didn't happen.
  • I can be pretty stubborn (I'm an Aries-comes with the horns!)
  • I have been married forever and have a 16-year-old son, who rocks!
  • I am a personal growth and development junkie. I've been to all the workshops, read all the books, collected the T-shirts and learned a lot along the way!
  • I am passionate about helping girls become amazing women and recognize their gifts.